Care Instructions

Our Everlasting Roses can last between 3-5 years or Sometimes more. Please follow the "how to care for your roses" instructions below: 

1. Do Not water the roses! Using any water will immediately damage the roses

2. Do Not expose the roses to direct sunlight. Uv-light may cause colour discolouration. 

3. If dust collects, gently clean with a soft duster or a stream of dry air. 

4. Keep the arrangement in a room temperature, humidity free environment.

5. Do Not place anything on top of the roses as they are very delicate.

6. Do Not remove the roses from their box, the roses are secured and are happy there.

7. you may place the lid on the side or bottom of the box.

8. Be mindful when carrying the arrangement as it is very delicate.

9. Give your Roses love, and they Bloom for many years to come. 


Thank you for reading the how to care guide. We hope you enjoy your lovely arrangement. Please feel free to chat to us on facebook, instagram or alternatively send us an email if your have any further enquiries.