Why We Are Passionate About Preserved Blooms And Roses?

The Translation Of Everlasting Blooms, Is The Flowers That Last An Eternity. Everlasting Blooms Was Created By A Mother Of Two, Who Had A Passion For Nature And A Hobby For Floral Arranging.
For Many Years, Of Researching, Growing, And Enjoying The Fresh Blooms, She Was Constantly Disappointed With The Flowers Wilting After A Few Days. That’s When She Decided To Look Into Preserved Flowers. She Immediately Fell In Love With The Everlasting Roses And Dried Flowers Arrangements. Especially, The Rose That Lasts For Many Years And Blooms Longer Than Any Other Flower. From That Day On, She Wishes To Make Her Vision Into Reality, Creating The Most Beautiful, Luxury, Handcrafted Bouquet’s Of The Exquisite Rose Lasting For Many Years.

What Are Everlasting Roses?

Our Luxury Preserved Roses Are Real, Fresh-Cut Natural Roses That Have Been Delicately Cultivated At The Boutique Rose Farm In Ecuador. Each Individual Rose Is Delicately Bred To Maintain It’s Natural Beauty And Blooming Freshness For Many Years. Using A Sophisticated Proprietary Solution Our Preserved Roses Are Able To Maintain Their Natural Beauty, Radiance And Feel.

Our Eternal Roses Are Premium Roses That Last At Least 3 To 5 Years Without Water Or Maintenance. Our Roses Are 100% Real Roses That Was Uniquely Preserved To Maintain Their Natural Beauty And Freshness Without The Need For Water Or Sunlight. We Are So Confident You Will Enjoy And Love The Quality Of Our Everlasting Roses, We Are Happy To Offer Our Customers A 12 Months, 100% Guaranteed For All Our Roses And Other Preserved Blooms In Our Store.

Nurtured From The Love And Thoughtfulness That Is Shared In This World, Our Local, Family Owned Business Wanted To Create A Unique And Extravagant Experience. We Wanted To Perfect An Alternative To Traditional Flowers.  With This Mission At Heart, Our Company Was Born.

Flowers Are A Symbol Of Joy, Typically Offered As An Unexpected Gift, Regardless Of Occasion. The Limitation Of Fresh Roses, Is That It Takes Meticulous Care To Keep Roses Alive.

Regardless Of The Just-Right Amount Of Sunlight And The Careful Mix Of Nourishment And Water, Shortly After Sharing This Gift With Someone You Love, The Flowers Fade, Pedals Fall, And They Die.

Now, Imagine The Beauty And Aroma Of A Fresh Rose That Is Perfectly Preserved. It Requires No Water. No Sunlight.  No Maintenance. It Simply Rests In Its Beautiful Crafted Container To Be Admired For Many Years. An Immaculate Gift That Represents A Pure, Enduring And Effortless Love For That Person In Your Life You Care The Most About.

This Is The Experience We Have Created.  With No Storefront Expenses, We Can Focus On The Uncompromising Detail And Unyielding Quality Of Our Products.

Consider This Alternative To Traditional Flowers. You Won’t Regret It. https://everlastingblooms.com.au


By The Way. What Does Stop And Smell The Roses Mean To You?

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At Everlasting Blooms, It’s To Relax; To Take Time Out Of One’s Busy Schedule To Enjoy And Appreciate The Beauty Of Life.

Forever, And Always Yours



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